All Strokes - Overhead Sculling

Nov 1, 2012
All Strokes - Overhead Sculling

There are many sculling drills but, in my opinion, the graduation of sculling is the overhead scull, on your back, feet first.

Why Do It:
This drill encompasses full-body balance, momentum, and a constant connection with the hands to keep you moving fast enough so you don't sink.  It's drills like these that can help you develop a better "feel" for the water.

How to Do It:
 With your feet going first, and on your back, push off the wall with your hands.
2.  You may go under water initially, so make sure you have a good breath.
3.  Immediately start to wave your hands above your head, like the Queen waving to her loyal subjects.
4.  Continue this for the length of the pool.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
To stay afloat, some swimmers may need a pull-buoy to keep the hips up, to really experience this drill.  Others, like our swimmer, are able to maintain a good bodyline without the aid of any devices.  It's also important to point your toes so you're cutting through the water.

Keep the hands moving quickly, and always keep them high above your head.

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