All Strokes - Partner Sculling

Dec 3, 2013
All Strokes - Partner Sculling

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Building a feel for the water as well as team bonding, this drill is good for many reasons.

Why Do It:

Sculling is a staple drill for most teams, so adding a team dynamic makes it fun, and a bit challenging.

How to Do It:
  Swimmers line up in pairs, one going backward and the other going forward.
2.  The swimmer going backward uses a fingers-up scull, which will push the feet forward.
3.  The swimmer going forward uses a standard front scull.
4.  The swimmers should stay in sync, speed wise, and maintain a proper sculling action through the entire set.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Head up, head down, pull buoys or not, the trick here is to make sure you're sculling and not pulling.  The swimmer going forward will typically be a bit faster, so some moderation in speed will be necessary.

We did this for 10 x 50 long course, so while this seems like an easy set, your forearms and fingers will be feeling this at the end.  If that doesn't do it... have the swimmers race.

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