All Strokes - Sculling Variation with Kim Vandenberg

Jul 23, 2013
All Strokes - Sculling Variation with Kim Vandenberg

When sculling, many swimmers settle for the standard sweep of the hands.  Olympian Kim Vandenberg shows a more advanced approach.

Why Do It:
Water is a dynamic substance, always changing, so understanding that a pull may sometimes be narrower or wider than anticipated is a great skill to learn.

How to Do It:
  Kim starts with head-up front scull, with a slight flutter kick behind her.
2.  Start with a few large, wide, slow sculls of the hands.
3.  Then switch to a few small, narrow, quick sculls of the hands.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
During the transitions between slow and fast sculling, keep the head absolutely stable just above the surface of the water.  Also, as you speed up the hands, keep the flutter kick at a consistent speed, acting only as a supporting force to keep the hips up.

Watch more of Kim's great swimming at this link.

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