All-Strokes - Shadow Play

Jul 13, 2010
All-Strokes - Shadow Play

While working at Pinecrest in Florida this week, we've discovered the next best thing to a video-evaluation session... the sun.

Why Do It:
Constant evaluation of your technique can be as easy as watching your shadow.  To see your catch, or streamline, all you need is the sun.

How to Do It:
  Fly to Florida, or another sunny location, and find a beautiful outdoor pool.
2.  This obviously works best if you're alone, because waves from other swimmers make the shadows pretty blurry.
3.  Push off in streamline, and simply watch your shadow... are your arms really tight to your head?
4.  If you get lucky, you'll even be able to see your catch and how you're extending your arm in the water.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points)
The closer you get to the bottom, the clearer your shadow.  Swim some underwater breaststroke and watch your pull, and how you recover your legs on the kick.  While this is an extremely easy drill, this type of focus is valuable for understanding what you're REALLY doing in the water.

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