ASCA 2012

Sep 11, 2012
ASCA 2012

Last week in Las Vegas, we had a great week seeing old and new friends.  Working with Endless Pools, we were able to toss a lot of people in the Endless Pool Elite and show them what a real stroke-correction system was like.

While not everyone had a chance to get in the pool, we strongly encouraged coaches to give it a shot.  Experiencing the Endless Pool Elite was certainly an eye opener for many people, and we lost track of how many Olympic Medals were represented by those trying the pool.  I managed to get a few photos for you to enjoy.

ASCA always proves a great place to rub elbows with some of the greatest coaches, and as always amazing swimmers were in the house.

Here are some pictures of some of the fun people we got to hang out with in Las Vegas.

  My great P2Life friends the Sheads with Tyler McGill

  Coach Kim Brackin checking out her ACTUAL new pool for Brackin Elite Swim Training in Austin, TX.

  Auburn Coaches (yes good friends) with US Olympian Bronze Medalist Kim Vandenberg

  US and Canadian Olympians Craig Beardsley and Bill Sawchuck hanging at the Swim Across America booth.

  Typically one of the most fun places at ASCA, the Finis booth.

  The look on people's face when Coach David Marsh is in charge of the controls.

  US Olympian, Silver Medalist, Maritza Correia stopped by but we couldn't convince her to jump in.

  Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist Lori Melien showed the typical look of everyone experiencing the Endless Pool Elite for the first time.

  Then Lori showed us some great swimming.

  US Olympian Bronze Medalist Chris Thompson gave the pool a whirl.

  Chris was watching the underwater cameras.

  Then showed us all why his records stood for so long.

  Chris even tried out some balance drills.

  What I was missing in NYC.

  US Olympian (MANY medals) Gary Hall even spent a few minutes giving a quick lesson to some very lucky swimmers.

  One of MANY coaches to test the waters in the Endless Pool Elite.

  Coach Chris Culp proved he's still got it. ;)

  Coach & Teacher Steve Haufler cranked the pool up as well.

  Chris Culp testing all the strokes.

  And the GREATEST... Nacho Libré showed for a quick dip.

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