Backstroke - Goggle Under Back Kick

Feb 26, 2014
Backstroke - Goggle Under Back Kick

We’ve focused on backstroke kick before, but this is a small detail that can also help your entire body position.

Why Do It:
Practicing a balanced bodyline when you opt to kick on your back during training can help you not only work on fitness, but also improve your ability to rotate.  The better the bodyline, the easier it is to rotate when you swim.

How to Do It:
 Start in streamline position and kick flutter on your back.
2.  Lean in to the water enough so that your goggles are under water, but you’re still able to grab some air.
3.  Continue to press in, monitoring the water coming over your goggles, and feel your hips rise up to the surface.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Play with the pressure, and try not to just tilt your head back to get your goggles under the surface.  If you tilt, you run the risk of having water go up your nose.  It’s also easiest to first practice this in smooth water.

Finally… always maintain a stable head position side to side.  Focus on BOTH goggles going under.  

Also maintain your composure when being filmed.

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