Backstroke - Learning Spin Drill

Oct 29, 2013
Backstroke - Learning Spin Drill

When our swimmers start to move forward to a more advanced level, it's time to take some time to focus on hand speed.

Why Do It:
Spin drill helps our swimmers learn the agressive nature of backstroke by placing the focus on above-race-rate arm speed.

How to Do It (and I know we've covered this many times before):
  Do a short push off on your back.
2.  Start with very short, quick strokes while tilting your head toward your feet.
3.  Try to elevate your entire head and shoulders out of the water, and hold there for as long as possible.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
While we as coaches may tend to get really excited with the hand speed generated by this drill, we have to make sure we're teaching the proper technique.

We certainly don't want to limit an athlete's aggressive nature, and love how this swimmer does exactly what we ask by getting the hands moving extremely fast.  We do, however, want to work with him over the next six months to strengthen the wrists and hands.

Our ultimate goal with a swimmer like this is to maintain this handspeed, while getting his hands into a better catch position at this rate.  That's where the real work comes in.  Maybe we'll film him again in six months.  Of course, I say that as I'm sure he'll watch this video, and we also want him motivated for the long term because these changes don't happen overnight.

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