Backstroke - Nose Plugs

Nov 1, 2011
Backstroke - Nose Plugs

Having a successful push off in backstroke means being able to stay under water long enough to take advantage of your underwater dolphin.

Since this is about a tool, there won't be the typical why, how, and fine points.  It's just that simple.

For many people, being on our back under water means you have to release air so that water doesn't go up your nose.  In the underwater dolphin, this may mean you'll run out of air prior to completing a great underwater dolpin push-off.

Some swimmers are able to equalize the pressure in their heads, which means no air comes out, and no water goes in.  These are the lucky ones.

Other swimmers have faces suited for a special technique that allows them to push their lips up to cover their nostrils, which prevents water from going in, and allows them to hang on to more oxygen during the push-off.

If you're not lucky enough to be able to do either of those, nose plugs can be the trick for you.  Putting on a pair of nose plugs means you won't have to worry about water going up  your nose, or air coming out of your lungs.  This will allow you to have better push-offs and turns in backstroke, which can mean better times.

Talk about fine points...if you don't think this is high level enough for you, check out the video of Missy Franklin breaking the World Record in the 200 backstroke a couple weeks ago.  You'll notice at the :16 second mark as she's jumping in... nose plugs.

These also come in very handy for certain swimmers wearing snorkels.

For the video, and for much filming, we use the Finis Nose Clip.

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