Backstroke - Streamline Kick

Jul 18, 2013
Backstroke - Streamline Kick

Incorporating simple balance drills during kick sets has dual benefits to your swimming.

Why Do It:
Utilizing proper body alignment, good kick mechanics, and some subtle fine points helps you in all strokes, not just backstroke.

How to Do It:
  Push off in a tight streamline on your back.
2.  Kick flutter kick while maintaining that streamline position.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
The drill IS just that easy.  Kick on your back in streamline.  However, looking at an Olympian do it shows some subtleties that may go overlooked.  

First, look at how Kim Vandenberg keeps the waterline right at the edge of her goggles, her head lowered into the water.  

The hands also remain under water the entire time.  Most swimmers allow the hands to pop up out of the water, which could lead to a misaligned bodyline.  

Kim also keeps her legs almost completely under water, from knees, to toes.  This exposes the legs to water the entire time and demands more work all the time.

Finally, POINT the toes always during your flutter kick.

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