Mar 4, 2005

Just one of the outstanding features of the Bison Go Swim Camp is the facility. Bucknell has a one of the newest, nicest, most state-of-the art pools in the eastern USA. The pool area is spacious and well lit, with balcony seating for 500+ spectators, and plenty of deck area for dryland and stretching. With two moveable bulkheads, the pool can be quickly configured for either 8 lanes of 50-meter, long-course swimming or 24 lanes of 25-yard, short-course swimming. This gives our swimmers an opportunity to practice long-course technique in the morning, and allows them to split into small groups in the afternoon for individual attention on starts, turns, stroke technique, and other fine points.

The pool is ideal for teaching and training, but it� also great for SWIM MEETS! That� because it� equipped with a top-of-the-line, big-screen, Colorado Timing scoreboard with Hy-Tek meet-manager software.


So, to make the most of this awesome facility, and to let our swimmers SHINE after a week of learning, we will hold a long-course swim meet on the last day of each camp. This is a great way for the swimmers to try out the things they�ve been working on all week, and is a great way for them to kick off their summer long-course seasons. The meet will let them know right where they stand and how far they need to go to reach their season goals. Swimmers will choose their events, and will be able to see their names and times on the big scoreboard. We�ll also record 50 splits. After the camp, we will post the meet results online.

On the final day of camp we will also hold our Bison Go Swim �graduation.� Swimmers will receive their swim-camp goodies, and awards will be presented in various categories such as Most Improved, Best Attitude, and Swimmer of The Week. The award for Most Improved goes to the swimmer who demonstrates the most dramatic improvement over the week-long camp. This swimmer will have to show that he or she has listened to the advice of the coaches and has made an effort to improve.


Best Attitude goes to the swimmer who accepts any challenge that is given to him or her. Swimmer of the Week will be awarded to the swimmer who most represents the attitude, skills, and knowledge that it takes to be a great swimmer.

Parents are welcome to watch any and all of our pool sessions (from the balcony, please), but you are especially encouraged to attend the meet to cheer for your kids. The last day of camp is a great opportunity for you to come and check out the facilities that make this camp so special, and to be a part of a special event for your swimmer(s). The camp ends at the conclusion of the meet, and swimmers will need to be packed and out of the dorms shortly thereafter. If you are interested in helping out with the meet as an official or starter, please contact Judson. We can always use the help.

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