Breaststroke - Back Throw Extension

Apr 30, 2014
Breaststroke - Back Throw Extension

This drill uses fins, and focuses on two specific aspects of an updated breaststroke technique, using your back to get you into extension better, and diving forward into a shallow bodyline.

Why do it:
Knowing you’ll need to get underwater, and in perfect extension, you can’t just go under and relax.  You must get to extension with power and speed.

How to do it:
Put on some fins and start to swim breaststroke with a dolphin kick.
2)  Focus on popping, or pushing your arms forward from the center of your back.  Here you can see our swimmer arching his back during extension.
3) Get the head in line with the arms, and pretend you’re DIVING FORWARD.
4) Stay shallow on the entry, and ride the throw of the body and arms forward.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
The biggest danger of this drill is taking the new energy and diving too deep.  This isn’t an up and down drill, this is a throw forward drill.  All energy needs to go as forward as possible, as your body will want to travel deep.

If you want to swim breaststroke with a lower stroke count, getting more out of each stroke, you’ll need to discover how to use muscles you may not have used before.

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