Breaststroke - Breath Control

Jun 15, 2010
Breaststroke - Breath Control

To really excel at breaststroke, you need to be able to control your breathing...and not just the breathing in, but also the breathing OUT!

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Why Do It:
For those long underwater pulls, and for making sure your lungs are ready to grab air quickly during the breath, knowing how to exhale slowly, with control, is an important skill.

How to Do It:
  This drill is all about exhaling slowly.  Pick your distance based on your comfort level, or the length of the pool.
2.   Push off in a streamline position and go a bit deeper than you normally would.
3.   Begin to slowly exhale through your nose.  Feel the air trickle out; don't force it.
4.   Start performing the underwater breaststroke kick drill, staying in streamline, and continuing to exhale.
5.  Your goal is to kick the entire length (or your predetermined distance) under water, while continuously exhaling the entire way.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Each time you get to a power, push, or propulsive phase, there will be a tendency to hold your breath.  Focus to make sure the exhale is constant, not pulsing with the kick.  If you look back in time, you should see the bubbles still making their way to the surface, and a long trail of bubbles that you've left in your wake.  If you're new to this type of drill, start very short, and in shallow water.  Have fun.

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