Breaststroke - Eggbeater Warmup

Aug 22, 2011
Breaststroke - Eggbeater Warmup

Here's a quick option to help develop a good breaststroke kick, while at the same time, warming up the insides of the legs to avoid injury.

Why Do It:
Eggbeater kick allows you to kick breaststroke without the stretch and potential strain across the groin.  This is a great option to continuing to work your breaststroke kick if you're sore, or to get ready for fast breaststroke.

How to Do It:
 First, learn a good eggbeater by keeping the hands in the water and learning the alternating sweep of the legs.
2.  When you want to add a bit more pressure to the feet, move the hands higher, or closer to the surface, and try not to use them.
3.  When you're warmed up, and want to add some quickness, take the arms completely out of the water.
4.  Now go horzontal.  Start with 4 to 6 eggbeater kicks to get yourself moving, and then throw in a couple regular strokes of breaststroke.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
The best breaststroke "tool" is the FINIS PDF fin.  We've used this fin for years for breaststroke, and using it to go through the exact same progression adds a bit more PUSH to your kick.  If your feet are properly turned out, the PDF fin will grab the water, and you'll know your foot is in the right position.

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