Breaststroke - Flip Turns With No Pushoff

Aug 6, 2014
Breaststroke - Flip Turns With No Pushoff

Nearly 7 years ago, we published a drill that showed breaststrokers using flip turns and no underwater pull to better simulate long course training in a short course pool.  Here’s another level to that.

Link to Premium Drill – Breaststroke – LC Training in a SC Pool

Why do it:
If you only have a short course pool to train in, sometimes you need to develop methods that allow you to get used to taking more strokes in a row, like you’ll use in a long course pool.

How to do it:
 Swim breaststroke as you typically do.
2)  When you come to the wall for the turn, flip rather than touching with your hands.
3)  Flip JUST far enough away from the wall that you can’t touch it.
4)  Initiate a short, quick breaststroke kick to regain your rhythm and swim away.

How to do it really well (the fine points)
Challenge yourself to not just do this for 50’s, but for extended workload, make your pool even longer.  Try skipping the underwater pull for 75s or even 100s.  It’s a great challenge for swimmers, and fun for coaches to be able to see how the stroke holds together over the extended distances.

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