Breaststroke - Flutter Kick

Mar 12, 2014
Breaststroke - Flutter Kick

Helping swimmers develop faster hands out front, sometimes starts at the back.

Why Do It:
Flutter-kick breaststroke leaves behind the undulating movement of the body by stabilizing the legs and hips.  This stabilization pushes more responsibility toward the front, or hands, to keep the head and hands high during recovery.

How to Do It:
  Start by swimming breaststroke but use flutter kick instead of breaststroke kick.
2.  The swimmers may continue to focus on length and extension, but encourage them to pick up the pace.  This is a more intense drill.
3.  Move the swimmer toward no glide at all, quickly spinning the hands out to the catch.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
When done right, this drill develops hand speed and works the abs and thighs.  It calls for the swimmer to get the head into a stramlined position on every stroke.  It's best to do this drill with higher intensity for shorter distances so that the swimmer can maintain very fast hands, with a fast attack forward in the recovery.

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