Breaststroke - Front Scull Pull

Sep 21, 2010
Breaststroke - Front Scull Pull

We continue to find new uses for sculling.  Isolating the initial arm movement in breaststroke is no easy task, but falls right into line in this drill.

Why Do It:
Making sure you don't put too much initial pressure on the outsweep of breaststroke, but saving that energy for the pull can help you maintain speed and energy longer through your races.

How to Do It:
 This is a "feel" drill, so there really isn't a set pattern.  Start with standard front scull, elbows high, in front of the shoulders and hands in front of the elbows.
2.  Once you feel you've got some good momentum, take a pull and breath, then fall back into a face-down position and begin front scull again.
3.  You can do this with your hands, or with paddles; the important thing is to isolate JUST the arm movement, and not to use the entire body.
4.  Notice that while trying to maintain some sort of rhythm, you'll need to keep the pull small, and in front of you at all times.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Whenever there's perceived power, more than the arms will get involved.  Watch to see what type of "set up" you're putting into the actual pull.  This drill is about isolating the arms.  Showing the control of NOT involving any other muscles shows your ability to control what you do.  Don't allow the hips to pop UP during the set up.  Instead, try to draw them straight forward, or just allow them to follow the body forward.  There are other drills for body movement.   This drill is simply about the initial catch and developing a quick, small pull.

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