Breaststroke - Head-Lead Kick Under Water

Mar 30, 2007
Breaststroke - Head-Lead Kick Under Water

Kicking breaststroke under water is one of the best ways to figure out your kick. It doesn't matter whether you're on your back or stomach, or whether you're in head lead or hand lead... when you're surrounded by water, you will really FEEL what happens as you recover your legs. You'll feel how the recovery disrupts your forward movement.

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 - Stitts and Denniston demonstrate many more breaststroke drills on their DVD!


Why Do It:
Kicking under water teaches you the cleanest way to recover your feet. Kicking under water with your hands behind you will teach you the best way to power yourself forward with that kick.

How To Do It:

1. Push off deep -- the deeper the better. And make sure you take in a HUGE breathe of air prior to going DEEP.

 Do your normal pulldown, then simply leave your hands at your hips.

3. As you kick into a lengthened position, try to press into your chest and head just a bit. Draw your feet up as close as you can to your trailing fingers.

4. When you're on your back, you'll either have to blow out constantly, wear nose plugs, or learn how to pinch your nose with your upper lip like our friend Dave Denniston. While on your back, keep your head stable, and laid back a bit. Also draw your feet up on the recovery, and FINISH your kick at the end.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):

The most important fine point is to get as much air as possible before pushing off. You need plenty of air so that you can take your time and experience what this drill has to offer. If you have to pop to the surface after just a couple of kicks, you won't learn too much. If you can get get only a couple of kicks while on your back, no worries... it's not a natural position, and is really a bonus drill.

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