Breaststroke - High-Heels Recovery

Nov 23, 2010
Breaststroke - High-Heels Recovery

The breaststroke kick is the most disruptive swimming move in our sport.  Creating as little resistance as possible during the set up for this action can be a huge advantage to your swimming.

Why Do It:
The higher your recovery of the heels, the less resistance you'll create in setting up the kick.  This over-exaggeration can help you get the feet a little closer to where you want them.

How to Do It:
  You can do this during any normal breaststroke set; it doesn't have to be a special drill set.
2.  Kick normally, which generally means your feet will travel in a slightly downward angle.
3.  Then allow the legs to relax a bit and follow their natural path a bit higher in the water.
4.  When you start your pull, slide your feet just above the surface and into the recovery.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Draw your feet into the recovery from above the water.  Don't allow them to fall back into the water, but draw them forward.  See if you can slide your feet into the recovery without showing any splash back onto the surface of the water (like our aging model is showing).

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