Aug 6, 2004

In the middle of the season, you�ll notice that most swimmers spend almost all their time training at well below race speed. When the season starts to come to a close, all of the sudden, you�re expected to figure out all the fine changes that occur in your stroke when you take it up to speed. One way to learn many of these fine points during the season is by using a Monofin.

The Monofin allows you to move through the water at a much higher rate of speed than you could on your own, without equipment. This is especially beneficial in the middle of heavy training, when you're not quite ready, physically, to go faster. The Monofin lets you get well above race pace and lets you FEEL what it's like to move through the water that fast,

Monofin Breaststroke

Why Do It:
There are so many fine points to master on the front end of breaststroke: the way you recovery your hands; the direction you send your energy; the way you hold your head and eyes; etc. These details may change slightly and will feel different when you take your stroke up to speed. So, you don't want to have these points sneak up on you at the end of the season. Rather, you want to spend time getting a feel for them DURING the season.

How To Do It:

1, You gotta get yourself a monofin! There are many places to buy them, and you can find out more by visiting Finis.

2. This is just like swimming breaststroke with a dolphin kick, only with all this extra surface area, you�re really going to feel the fin throw you forward. Because of this, try not to bend your knees too much when you kick. As much as you�re able, just let the fin follow the movement of the body.

3. You�ll notice that with the extra propulsion from the fin, it� really going to try to throw you down in the water. You�ll need to make sure that you start to use your hands, head, and chest to keep you as shallow as possible in this powerful move.

4. At the highest rates of speed, you�ll really feel the resistance created by your hands during the recovery. Make sure you�re getting them high enough in the water, or right at the surface in this move. Practicing this is very important, and it will carry with you through the entire season, and heck�career!

5. Make sure you�re not allowing the momentum of the fin to bring you too high in the water. Use this extra speed to focus your attention on driving your energy forward. Keep your head down while above, but don�t keep it too rigid. You�ll see Dave moving his head freely to connect his entire body.

6. Focus on your hips as well when using the Monofin. Have it help you get your hips high, but don�t over do it. Keep the hips flowing up and down within a pretty normal line with your body.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):

Go faster. Work out all the details. Do it often.

How� that for putting the responsibility on YOU to figure all this out. It� a pretty intense segment, and should be done with tremendous focus. Sure, there� a time to flow with the Monofin, and it� a lot of fun, just don�t forget the intense side of this drill.

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