Breaststroke - Playing with Rate

Jul 30, 2013
Breaststroke - Playing with Rate

Learning better breaststroke sometimes means lengthening the stroke to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.

In this drill, we had access to the Endless Pool Elite.  The benefit of doing this drill in the Endless Pool is that the water speed is consistent through the entire process.  What we changed was the tempo, or rate, of the swimmer's stroke.  Using the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro, we determined a comfortable rate for the water speed, and then pushed the tempo a bit slower and slower.

We took 10 to 15 strokes at each tempo, slowing the rate down by 5/100ths each time.  The rate went from 1.20 - 1.40, and then we turned the swimmer loose to play.  All tempos were at a constant water speed.

If you don't have an Endless Pool, stroke counting is one way to accomplish this, but it won't allow you the same fine details of play that this swimmer was able to have.

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