Breaststroke - Pulldown and Arm Recovery

Feb 24, 2009
Breaststroke - Pulldown and Arm Recovery

During the breaststroke underwater pullout, the arms pull DOWN during the power phase, and then arms recover back UP to start the first stroke.  This week's drill will help you isolate and work on this move:  the arm recovery after the breaststroke pulldown. 

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Why Do It:
Staying small and tight during the breaststroke underwater arm recovery can help you to maintain your speed off the wall.  Minimizing the resistance is key here, and learning a couple key points can really help you hang on to your momentum.

How to Do It:
  After your breaststroke pulldown, keep your head in line, your arms next to your sides, and your toes pointed.  From directly in front, nothing but your head and shoulders should be showing.
2.  Initiate the arm recovery with your hands, keeping them tight against your body... and almost SCRAPING them along your skin or suit.   As much as possible, try to keep your elbows in.  Our demonstrator allows his elbows to go out a bit... we'll fix that this week.
3.  As your hands approach your chin, begin the recovery of the legs and keep your hands as tight in front of, or against, your head as possible.
4.  Recover your legs with your calves hidden behind your thighs while continuing to extend your hands forward.
5.  Pitch your feet out, keeping your head down and beginning to prepare for your first pull.
6.  As you finish the kick, start your first pull, trying to keep your head down and in line.
7.  When your hands reach their widest point, your head should be starting to break through the surface... then start swimming.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Practice a long, well-timed, and powerful breaststroke pulldown... every time you push off the wall after a breaststroke turn.

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