BREASTSTROKE - Send it Forward

Feb 25, 2005
BREASTSTROKE - Send it Forward

If you've been following Dave Denniston's progress on his website,, you've seen the cool new SEND IT FORWARD ankle bands that are available there as a fundraiser for Dave's rehab. Why "Send It Forward?" Those of you who have the DVD Go Swim Breaststroke with Dave Denniston will already know. For those of you who don't, here's a drill of the week that will unravel many mysteries.

SEND IT FORWARD is one of Dave Denniston's six key focus points for fast breaststroke. On his video Go Swim Breaststroke, Dave devotes three and a half minutes to this essential point. Normally, we limit our online video clips to 30 seconds, and we rarely provide online clips from our DVDs. But in order to help Dave launch his new SEND IT FORWARD bands, and in order to promote his DVDs (all after-cost profits now go directly into Dave's rehab fund), we wanted to give you the entire three-and-a-half-minute segment.

Send it Forward

Why Do It:
Making sure you direct your energy in a productive direction -- FORWARD! -- is a key element in fast swimming. While there are many styles of breaststroke, the goal is always to get to the other end of the pool as quickly as possible. By sending your energy FORWARD, and guiding your hands directly toward the other end, you will spend less time bouncing up and down.

How To Do It:
1. For this special segment, watch the video. We've included the original audio so you can hear the words that describe what Dave is doing. We've also included Quicktime and Windows Media Player files so you can download these for your personal use.

For those of you who already own this video, we thank you, and we'll be putting up our regular DOTWs again next week. This is a good way to rethink, and revisit, this particular focus point, so think of it as a reminder. Or use it as a reminder to watch the entire video again. For those of you who have NOT picked up ALL of Dave's products yet, this should give you that final push to click that button, and support a great swimmer.

Enjoy, and then head over to Dave's site and pick up some ankle bands to help you to remember to FINISH YOUR KICK!

SEND IT FORWARD - Windows Media

As usual with the larger (almost 4 minutes long) clips, these have larger file sizes. Please be patient with the download time. We've tried to find that balance between quality of image, and reduced file size.[url=][/url]

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