Breaststroke - Single-Stroke Streamline

Aug 2, 2011
Breaststroke - Single-Stroke Streamline

Teaching young swimmers to "finish the process" of each stroke of breaststroke is the beginning of a long journey of stroke building.

Why Do It:
Typically, young swimmers rush to get from one stroke to the next, but this simple drill helps them understand that each stroke is its own process and needs to be completed before rushing off.

How to Do It:
 Start with the simple push-off drill, in which the swimmer pushes off and stays in the streamline position until they pop to the surface and stop moving forward.
2.  After they've mastered the first step, as they come to the surface, have them take a single stroke of breaststroke...
3.  Then get back to the streamline position and glide.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
When they get the hang of this, have them repeat the drill over and over again, making sure they get back to streamline for a few counts prior to taking the next stroke.  From here, you can begin to build a stroke with fine points like initiating the outsweep before the head comes up... and much, much more.

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