Breaststroke - The Last Stroke

Feb 16, 2012
Breaststroke - The Last Stroke

This isn't really a drill... just something that happened this morning during a lesson.

I've said for years that I wish I could get all swimmers to think that every stroke on breaststroke is like "the last stroke" of the race.  It seems that when swimmers have a target, that finish or wall, to focus on, everything suddenly becomes very direct.

This became evident while filming a young swimmer this morning during a lesson.  Using my iPhone in a waterproof LifeProof case,  and the Coach's Eye app  (which has become a staple in my lessons), we watched each stroke, and during the 2nd try, the finish illustrated to the swimmer exactly what we were going for.

By the third video, we can see that he was able to accomplish the extension portion of the stroke just like we wanted. 

If you notice other things going on that you'd probably fix, or work on, please understand that one of the secrets of teaching is to praise the athlete when he/she does what you're asking them to do, and learn to ignore other things that might need work.  When you see other things to fix, make that part of the next lesson.  One step at a time, and don't confuse the athlete by continuously adding focus point on top of focus point on top of focus point.  Master each step first, then move on.  Sorry... just my little rant cause I know what people will be posting. ;)

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