BREASTSTROKE - Three-Breast Combo

Mar 18, 2005
BREASTSTROKE - Three-Breast Combo
Ava Coach

We recently announced our "I Wrote a Go Swim DOTW" contest. Winners will have their drill posted on the site, along with a mention of their team, and will receive an "I Wrote a Go Swim DOTW" T-shirt. We have had several great entries, and our first-ever winner is...Drum Roll.

This week� Drill of the Week was submitted by Matt Lopez, Head Coach of Antelope Valley Aquatics in Palmdale, California. Matt is better known as AVACOACH on the discussion board. Matt's drill, Three-Breast Combo, combines three different drills in sequence.

3 Breast Combo

This drill isolates three critical elements of breaststroke: fast hands, high hips, and driving a streamlined body. It separates them, but incorporates them into one short and fast-paced drill. Just because it's a drill doesn't mean it has to be slow. From my experience it works best at top speed.

Why Do It:
When I watch many top breaststrokers, I am amazed at their fast turnover, high hips, and ability to get their bodies into a position to get maximum drive from their kicks. This drill enables you to
1. Create a fast tempo
2. Create the proper body position
3. Combine #1 and #2 into your new and improved breaststroke.

How To Do It:
1. Push off in streamline and do a normal breaststroke pullout.

2. Take three strokes breaststroke but with a freestyle kick. Your focus should be on fast hand speed. Try to throw your hands forward as fast as possible. If you want to set a rhythm and have more control over your stroke, count how many freestyle kicks you use between pulls and keep the count consistent.

3. Take three more strokes of breaststroke but with a butterfly kick. Maintain fast hands, but now your focus is on the hips. The dolphin kick helps you establish a rhythm and a high hip position.

4. Take three strokes of normal breaststroke, incorporating fast hands AND high hips. You can continue the rest of the length breaststroke or repeat the sequence.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
1. You can start off slow to get the rhythm, but for best results try it at max speed.

2. When doing the fast hands it is important to A.) Swim OVER your breastroke rather than come up into it, and B.) Use fast hands on the recovery, not the pull. If you rush the pull, you are probably slipping.

3. On the butterfly kick, make sure you throw your body forward and not just your arms.

4. Remember that breastroke is all about rhythm. It's about throwing the body forward, submerging, and driving with the legs. Legs are used to drive a streamlined body through the water; they are not used to throw the arms forward. The arms and body can be thrown forward with a strong core using abs. Now have fun and GoSwim!

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