Breaststroke - Under Lane

Jul 19, 2011
Breaststroke - Under Lane

Keep your head down to avoid resistance and to get into a great gliding position on every stroke. 

Why Do It:
Getting your head in line with your arms, into almost a streamline position, on every stroke of breaststroke will allow you go farther and faster each time you reach extension.  This simple drill can help you figure out exactly how deep you need to go.

How to Do It:
 Start by positioning yourself facing across the pool, swimming widths.
2.  Push off short, and try to take a stroke in EVERY lane.
3.  You'll need to go under each lane line, and develop a quick rhythm if you're a taller swimmer.
4.  If you find the lanes are a bit too close, skip one and try for two, but this is very tough to maintain.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Want to really work on something with this drill?  Try to make it under the lane line without touching your back, but with touching the lane with your butt.  This teaches you to load the hips as you glide forward, and set them up for a snapped recovery forward.  Try to allow it to hit you just barely, and try not to push your butt up too high...just to touch the lane. 

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