Breaststroke - Upside Down - Recovery Focus

Jun 11, 2013
Breaststroke - Upside Down - Recovery Focus

Here's a quick, fun way to learn more about your recovery in breaststroke.

Do this drill with an in-water "spotter" to help you avoid colliding with the wall or the bottom of the pool.   Don't try to do an entire length of the pool with this drill!  Come up before the flags.

Why Do It:
Upside-down breaststroke has a way of exposing the recovery phase of your breaststroke in a very good way.  If you pull too far back, you'll feel your hands getting stuck underneath you.  This drill shows you how to get your hands back out front a bit more efficiently.

How to Do It:
 Push off the wall and flip over to your back.
2.  Start swimming breaststroke, full stroke with pull and kick.
3.  Focus and feel the resistance as you sweep the hands in and forward, back into full extension.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Keep the head in line.  This will encourage a more stable head, as there won't be a rise or fall of the chest, torso or hips, so make sure you get back to full extension and glide after each stroke.

Many swimmers will be releasing a steady stream of air during this, so if you're uncomfortable, make sure you do this drill in shallower water, and plan on going for short distances.  

Lastly, imagine getting your entire bodyline back to the mirrored position as if you were finishing your stroke on your stomach.

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