Breaststroke - Wall Wave

Feb 9, 2012
Breaststroke - Wall Wave

Here's a quick drill using the wall to help develop the feeling of a flowing breaststroke.

Why Do It:
Sometimes it's tough to understand how breaststroke is supposed to work because too much of the body rises up and down.  Using the wall to stabilize the feet begins to teach how to keep the feet high and draw them into the recovery.

How to Do It:
 Start in a balanced position with the feet just over the wall.
2.  Keep the feet close together to teach a narrow recovery.
3.  Have the swimmer press down and out with the hands into the outsweep, and then...
4.  Insweep and pull to draw the feet off the wall and into the recovery.
5.  Start with a dolphin kick, and progress to a breaststroke kick.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Try to keep the hands high, and start with the head down, slowly lifting the chin until you can get a full breath during the stroke.  Move this to swimming while thinking of drawing the hips and sneaking the feet forward.

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