Bubble Bottle Cap

Mar 2, 2010
Bubble Bottle Cap

First, I have to apologize that I don't have a new drill this week.  We shot it, but I wasn't happy with how we were showing the skill.  Rather than putting up something sub-par, I decided not to put anything up at all.  I hope everyone understands, and we'll do a better job for next week.

However... I did take the cam to the pool last week to have some fun.  A couple of the swimmers told me they were going to show me the coolest thing ever, which I doubted.  I have to admit, after 40 some years in the pool, they showed me something I'd never seen and decided to share this with all of you.

While this is fun, if you pay attention to the time, these guys are already down when the video starts... they're swimming around, blowing bubbles, and having fun for almost a minute.  While it's no world record, you can see there is absolutely no strain on them at all, with the swimmer lying on his back in 16 ft. of water blowing bubble rings.  This is the fitness level you need to achieve to even approach your potential.  Great job guys, and thanks for showing me something new.

The equipment you need for this is a typical bottle cap from a regular drink bottle.

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