Butterfly - Breakout Practice

May 15, 2015
Butterfly - Breakout Practice

Watching many swimmers over the past couple weeks, we will continue to focus on breakouts.

Why do it:
Making sure you’re transitioning great speed from your underwater dolphins, into forward momentum into your swimming, can have a huge impact on your overall speed.

How to do it:
1 – Start from a start, to get the MOST velocity possible.
2 – Work out with your coach the number of dolphin kicks you are productive with.
3 – The number of kicks should allow you to become very close to parallel to the surface just prior to your first stroke.
4 – Take two strokes without breathing, and shut it down.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Most of your head will be above the surface on the breakout, but your face will still be in the water.  Imagine you’re surfing your face on the surface, as you want to avoid creating too much resistance with your head on your breakout.

Take the time to practice this specific point, so you can identify the details, rather than just assuming thinking about it during training is enough.

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