Butterfly - Dolphin Initiation

Jan 3, 2011
Butterfly - Dolphin Initiation

We all know a good underwater dolphin kick is incredibly important in your butterfly.  The question is... when do you start your kick?

Why Do It:
Experimenting with when you initiate your first underwater dolphin can help you find just the right amount of glide and effort to get you to the best breakout possible.  Above all, experimenting is paramount in this.

How to Do It:
 Either from a start, or a turn, begin by initiating your dolphin kick IMMEDIATELY upon entering the water, or leaving the wall.  This will do a good job in showing that too much kick too soon can actually make you swim farther without an advantage in speed.
2.  Now, from your start or turn, leave the wall and glide for a while (overdo this).  This will do a good job in showing how much effort you'll have to expend to regain your momentum.
3.  Finally, after you leave the wall, allow yourself just a bit of glide prior to initiating a smaller dolphin to try to maintain the speed you've gained from your start or turn.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Time yourself to the same spot each time.  It shouldn't be where you breakout, but the same spot each time.  A great spot to use for this is the half-way mark of your short-course pool.   If you vary the start of your kick, and if you compile good stats of how fast you make it to that spot with each variation, you'll be able to find the option that lets you go the fastest.  

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