Butterfly - Extra-Kick Fly

Dec 13, 2011
Butterfly - Extra-Kick Fly

Here's a simple butterfly drill that incorporates a few wonderful aspects... relaxation and the opportunity to work on timing.

Why Do It:
If you need to work on a longer butterfly, this drill is great.  If you need a bit more work on your lungs, this drill is great.  If you need to discover the timing of your second kick, this drill is great.

How to Do It:
 The drill is simple.  Swim butterfly, but after the hands land in front, throw in a couple of extra kicks.
2. When you're planning on staying under longer (which is sometimes necessary for masters swimmers, to slow down their stroke rate), you'll automatically dive a bit deeper on your entry.  The longer path you'll discover can be more comfortable for longer butterfly swims.
3.  You're going to be under water longer, so it's easy to turn this into a semi-hypoxic training set.
4.  The extra time you spend under water will allow you to plan on "kicking your hands out" to work on that 2nd kick of your regular fly.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
When you're learning, or when you want to train using this drill, throw on some fins, or just try to go faster.  Also, try to get your head down and in line with your body during the underwater portion.

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