Butterfly - Fast Fin Fly 2

Jan 24, 2012
Butterfly - Fast Fin Fly 2

We decided to reshoot and repost this drill because when we originally posted it, there was no sound on the video.  On YouTube, when people see the old version, they commonly respond that there are no flip turns in butterfly... in this drill, there are. 

Learning FAST butterfly, and training at above race pace is sometimes a good thing, as well as an intense thing.  Using fins allows you to experience your goal speed, if not a bit more.

Why Do It:
Swimming at above race pace is not only fun and intense, but educational.  Learning what your goals feel like is something good to get used to.

How to Do It:
Put on a pair of fins that won't fall off at high speed.
2.  Swim a bit with the fins on, learning how the walls will come up, and what they feel like as you increase the intensity.
3.  From a dive, set a goal time that you'd like to match for your swim.  It should be faster than your life-time best, and as close to your ultimate goal as possible.
4.  GO!

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Because fins will slow you down during open turns, use flilp turns to maintain the momentum.  This drill is about continuing the flow of the speed, and fins get caught when trying to drag them through the turn, this will disrupt the point of the drill.  Stay intense.

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