Butterfly - Perp Drill

Oct 4, 2011
Butterfly - Perp Drill

noun Police slang
the perpetrator of a crime

If you've ever seen any TV police drama, there will be a scene where the suspect is placed against the wall, hands high, and pressed forward so the police can search him.  This position just happens to be a great example of the press on butterfly.

Last week, we talked about soft hands, this week, one step further.

Why Do It:
Learning to connect, or stretch, through the chest and lats allows you to use your body more on butterfly.

How to Do It:
1.  Place your hands high against the wall, spread a bit wider than the shoulders.
2.  Lean your butt out so that you create an arch through your spine, but focus on the stretch that's created from the hands, through the lats and chest.  This is the feeling you're seeking on the initiation of each stroke of butterfly.
3.  Swim butterfly, focusing your attention on this connection on the front of the stroke.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Learning specific feelings on land is sometimes easier because of the force of immovable objects, like the wall.  Using the pressure, or thickness of the water to gain that same feeling begins to teach you how to work with the water, and the natural pressure points that can be built up in the body.

Now give it a try, and avoid being required to assume this position in real life.

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