Clearwater Coaches Clinic

Aug 25, 2010
Clearwater Coaches Clinic

I know this is very late notice, but just read about this coaches clinic going on over the next few days in Florida.  Check out the list of speakers.

A Different Kind of Coaches Clinic

Read the SwimNews Interview with Randy Reese

Craig Lord of SwimNews interviewed Randy Reese about the Clearwater Beach Coaches Clinic. The article talks about what's going to happen at the clinic and why it's different and better than everything else going on:

Instead of having coaches tell everyone how they train their athletes, we will ask them why they not only train them a specific way but why they believe they have had success. This will be done by asking follow up questions to their answers from our other speakers during each topic. The thinking behind doing it this way is that we will try to give more answers than the typical clinic that is currently being run. This should give the attending coaches even more knowledge to why each of you feel and think the way you do with the topics being discussed.
See Clinic Schedule

Our Speakers

Our speakers are some of the best known coaches throughout the world. All together they have been awarded nine ASCA Coach of Year awards and have had swimmers set over 70 World Records. In addition to this, we have one of the knowledgeable professors in the world that specializes in kinesiology and physiology. All together this gives us arguable the best line up of speakers at a single coaches clinic.
Chris Davis
Dick Jochums
Eddie Reese
John Ivy
Dave Gibson 
Lea Maurer
Paul Bergen
Randy Reese

The Clearwater Beach Area

Located 30 minutes from the Tampa International Airport is one of the world’s most renown beaches, Clearwater Beach. The Sheridan Sand Key Resort is located on the Gulf of Mexico and at a very reasonable price that includes free parking. Area restaurants and attractions are located just minutes away by foot or car. For those not wanting to drive, The Jolly Trolley is also available for only a few dollars.
Hotel Information
Area Attractions


If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us at the following:

Alex Steger, Assistant Director
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