Customer Quotes

May 12, 2004
Customer Quotes


Customer Quotes

"Watched your breaststroke DVD today. Very impressed. Best I've seen on this stroke."
� John Leonard, Director, American Swimming Coaches Association

"For the stroke info and instruction, how can I say anything but good! I mean, you've hit so many important facts, broken them down into sub sections, and made it easy to understand. A very good instructional tool, that I'm sure many will benefit from."
� Mike Barrowman, Olympic Gold Medalist, Former World Record Holder,
Current American Record Holder, 200 Breaststroke

The DVD is great !
The breakdown of the points to practice and the quick reference card are really good. As the video suggests, I will bring it to practice for my daughter and have her focus on one point each time. I like the best, that the video is on DVD, it makes it easier to switch to each point. We end up with damaged VHS tapes after queueing through them so many times - that won't happen here.

- Nancy, New Jersey

I received the breaststroke DVD in the mail today--I think it's a great product. Everything--the music, the narration, and especially the swim footage--is spectacular. The take-home messages are spelled out well, and I liked the fact that it is billed as an adjunct, not a replacement, for one's regular swim practice commitment. I look forward to the freestyle DVD.

- Ann, Mississippi

I got the video today and watched it twice. With no sound it is the best breaststroke video out there. Just watching Dave should give any aspiring breastroker a good idea of what they are shooting for. Your narration is tremendously helpful. It is sparse and contains all of the information needed, and yet is focused to work on one point at a time. The use of young swimmers to illustrate the common errors will help kids see the difference between the way most people swim and what you and Dave are advocating.

We have had a great deal of success in getting many kids to swim good breastroke, but I haven't coached a great one yet. I have a few candidates this year, and maybe this is the edge we need.

-Art, New York (High School Coach)

Received and watched the DVD yesterday.
Bravo. Really nice work.

- Bob, Texas (Swim Instructor)

My 10-year-old son is turning into a good swimmer. (top 10 in the state in a bunch of events). Breaststroke has never come naturally for him. At the first meet of the season, he was third in the 50 breast and made the state meet qualifying time. I was astounded at his swim and technique. When I asked him how he swam so well, he said that he saw your breaststroke dvd and it said to squeeze your feet together at the end of each kick. I asked him how he saw this, because the dvd was on our coffee table, so I would remember to give it to my mom to watch (she's a swim coach) and we don't have a dvd player at home. He said that he learned this from reading the box and looking at the pictures!!!! Now, how is that for teaching efficiency. My son thanks you for the AA time.

� Paul, Parent from Ohio

I'm very happy I purchased your breaststroke turn video. If only I'd known this stuff when I was younger! Thanks for sharing the information -- wow. Now, if I only knew some age groupers I could give this to, too!

� Mike, Masters swimmer from Maryland

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