Dave Denniston Speaks!

May 10, 2011
Dave Denniston Speaks!

Without getting too sappy... there aren't many people I've witnessed in almost 50 years on the planet who have reacted to adversity in a more positive way than Dave Denniston.

I'm very honored he considers me his friend, and I'm inspired by him each day.  Few people in your life have serious impact on how you lead your daily life, Dave is certainly one of those in my life.  This following clip of video is from Dave's talk at the Dave Denniston and Friends Breaststroke Camp at Auburn University which I was blessed to work with Dave.

Enjoy, and if your team needs some good breaststroke technique work, plus a shot in the arm of reality mixed with absolute positive, upbeat humor... you can reach out to Dave at this email:  davebookings@yahoo.com

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