Earn ASCA Education Credits!

Apr 24, 2012
Earn ASCA Education Credits!

Earn ASCA education credits when you watch GoSwim videos!

"GoSwim videos are an excellent way to enrich your information base as a coach.  As such, we're happy to reward coaches who study them, with Educational Units as described below, with filed education reports." -- John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director

If you are an ASCA-registered coach, you can turn your GoSwim video watching into ASCA Educational Credits.  After you watch a video, you may submit a "Here's What I Learned" report to ASCA.  Based on the quality of your report, ASCA may award anywhere from 2 to 10 education units.  Assignment of credits is totally subjective, with the typical award being in the 3-4-5 range, but an extraordinarily good report can earn you a higher number of credits.  

Subscribe to www.goswimtv.com for more than 35 full length DVDs for penny's per day.  Use this as your go to place to earn ASCA credits.

To learn about ASCA Coach Certification, follow this link:

To submit an update/upgrade form, follow this link:

Or you can email your report as an attachment to:

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