Easy Speed - Fast Turns

Apr 15, 2004
Easy Speed - Fast Turns



Okay, this might take a little bit of work, but not as much as you think. Every time I watch a workout at any level, the majority of the swimmers do lazy grandma-with-a-broken-hip turns. STOP IT! Put some effort into getting into and off the wall as fast as you can.


I like to pretend the wall is my Aunt Ethel. Aunt Ethel weighs at least three hundred pounds, and has a severe case of the gout. She has five whiskers on her chin, and black peach fuzz on her upper lip. Her breath is potent enough to turn a hippo away, and her lips are like crinkled-up cigarette butts. But, she's family, and I love her. And part of my loving of her is the fact that I have to give her a hug every time I see her. I said HUG, not a kiss. This is where the turn part comes in. My goal upon seeing Aunt Ethel is to move in for the hug, but pull away before her chapped lips or, even worse, a whisker, brushes my cheek or, God forbid, my mouth.

Pretend the wall is Aunt Ethel; you have to touch it, but get off of it as fast as you can.

You will find that by doing quick turns you can easily gain a second on your teammates off every wall.

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