Equipment - Drag+Fly

Dec 26, 2012
Equipment - Drag+Fly

If you're looking to add some resistance to a particular swimmer or stroke, consider the Drag+Fly.  We were sent one of these a couple months ago, and thought we'd give it a try.

The Drag+Fly is a durable unit with a long cord and comfortable waist belt.  Adjustable resistance levels allow the swimmer to make the challenge pretty easy...or extremely difficult.  The notches, or marks, help you determine what resistance level the swimmer should be training with. 

We like to bundle this tool with a FINIS pull buoy, and the D-Band to restrict the legs.  Add some paddles to really overload the front end.  To get used to the resistance, swim some general freestyle prior to switching to breaststroke.  

For this particular drill (and there are a lot of various things you can do), the swimmer will simply be pulling breaststroke.  This can aid in teaching a great catch and building some additional strength.

You can find the Drag+Fly in the US at All American Swim.  

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