February 17-18, 2010 Morning Practice - Doubles?

Feb 18, 2010
February 17-18, 2010 Morning Practice - Doubles?

I have to be honest, I swam twice yesterday, and once this morning... and can't remember much of what I did.  

Has that ever happened to you?  Get out of the pool, drive to get coffee, get back to the office, start working, get involved, then try to remember your practice from the morning, or the day before?  I'm drawing a mental blank, and only remember what the overall distances was, and what was hurting, or what I was working on.

Yesterday morning was 5,300 yards, and ended up swimming with a friend as he had an incredible kick set with fins.  It was one of those sets where you just started going... he went a bit faster, so I went a bit faster, and then we both ended up going a lot faster than either of us anticipated.  We were laughing afterwards (between gasps for air), about how good it was to be pushed... but neither of us had planned on it prior to the set.

I ended up at the pool again last night after a meeting, so figured I'd get back in with another masters group, and did another 3,500... again, starting very slowly, and thinking it was a good opportunity to just relax through a set.  Typically, I have a very rough time just swimming without constantly watching the clock.  Then, as I check, I get a bit discouraged if I'm going too slow.  However, I was able to really focus on some sore shoulders during a couple longer swims, and change my recovery just enough to allow that pain to go away.  It reminded me to always be aware of what you're feeling, and to vary your movements based on discomfort.  All I kept thinking is that if I'm feeling some pain after a day of about 9,000 yards, how will that pain be multiplied 5 months from now when I'm doing 10 miles in a lake.

This morning was approximately another 5,000 yards, and continued working on a modified recovery.  I was able to really go pretty easy, while still staying within my predefined pace.  I like to find those special little secrets that may only work for me specifically... but then again... isn't that what the internal search is all about?

Anyway, I apologize for not posting the "sets", but I can tell you there were 500's, 300's, and the final set this morning was 12 x 100 on 1:20, trying to hold at or under 1:10 but going as easily as possible.  Also with short turns, breathing immediately off the wall.  I know this is against common practice, but I'm just trying to swim a bit more.

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