Freestyle - 6-Kick Switch

Jan 6, 2009
Freestyle - 6-Kick Switch

Consistent, quick kicking, combined with a stable body roll, helps you move everything forward when you're swimming freestyle.  This drill gives you enough time to work on both.

Why Do It:
This is a simple variation to throw into a kick set, which allows swimmers to work their legs, lungs, body position, and body roll, as well as making sure their pull is moving them forward, and not up.

How to Do It:
1.  There are three positions in this drill... kicking with your right arm extended, kicking with both arms extended, and kicking with your left arm extended.
2.  Start with either right or left arm extended for about 6 kicks, then recover the trailing arm to the front for 6 kicks, then pull back with the other arm for 6 kicks.
3.  After you've completed all three positions, grab a quick breath and start the count over again... 6 on the side, 6 with both hands in front, and 6 on the other side... then breathe.

How to Do It Well (the Fine Points):
Think about what your lead hand is doing when there's only one of them out there.  Try not to brace or scull, but just have it lengthen your body.  When you rotate from one position to the other, make sure your head continues in a very stable position.  Finally, when you're pulling back with the lead arm, make sure you're not popping up, but, rather, moving your body forward.  Keep everything moving in a direct line.

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