Freestyle - Double Band Kick

Jun 4, 2014
Freestyle - Double Band Kick

Here’s a fun way to use the FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap that can help your swimmers learn a better flutter kick.

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Why do it:

A narrow, yet powerful flutter kick is part of a great freestyle. Â Kicking too wide, or having a weak kick, can be solved with this simple drill.

How to do it:

1 – Take 2 FINIS Pulling Ankle Straps and tie them together.

2 – Put one of the straps around your ankle, then start to twist. Â Continue twisting until just a small loop still remains, then put your other foot through.

3 – Dive in and swim as normail… only maintain a constant kick. Â The straps will allow some freedom of movement, but will still restrict the legs a bit as well. Â The bands will also create a negative workout for the legs as they try to stretch the bands apart.

How to do it really well (the fine points):

The most important aspect of this drill working is maintaining a CONSTANT KICK. Â If the legs just drag behind, it won’t help.


This drill also works well for a breaststroke kick that’s too wide. Â Losen the straps a bit and move them up to just about the knees. Â The bands will keep the knees narrow, but still allow for a full kick.

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