Freestyle - Eyes-Up Catch

Mar 5, 2014
Freestyle - Eyes-Up Catch

Sometimes it’s a good idea to SEE what you’re doing when you’re trying to master a skill.

Why do it:

Swimmers have the ability to check their technique many times during a practice.  It’s not always just how something feels, but it can also be how something looks, or what you see.  The simple action of watching your hands catch the water can be added at any time, in any practice.

How to Do It:
 While swimming freestyle… look up at your hands.
2.  See how they’re moving into the catch.  Are your elbows high?
3. Continue with the high head, not worrying about your hips as this drill isn’t about that.
4.  While you’re watching, think of how the hands feel as the elbow stays high.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Slowly get your head back into your regular position, focusing on keeping the hands doing the same thing as when you were watching them.  Frequent checks are a good thing for developing swimmers, and those swimmers who can monitor their own technique become more in control of their destiny as competitive swimmers.

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