Freestyle - Flutter Kick X!

Dec 1, 2009
Freestyle - Flutter Kick X!

While this drill can be used with all kicks, the stability of flutter kick makes it the most effective for this particular exercise.

Why Do It:
Adding resistance to increase leg strength can be as simple as creating resistance with your arms or body.  The decreasing of this resistance is also as easy as changing the position of the arms, and feeling the freedom that occurs with slicing the water.

How to Do It:
  We like to use a snorkel on this drill so more time can be spent working on keeping the arms stable, and the legs working.
2.  Push off with your arms in an X position (or Y if you wanna get really picky... X just sounds cooler).
3.  Kick for the determined distance with your arms held absolutely still.
4.  Next, narrow your arms to Position 11, or directly in front of your shoulders.  You'll not only feel faster, but also you'll notice your body is in a better position.
5.  Last, move your arms to a streamline position and continue kicking.  The difference in speed and ease of the kick will feel great.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Put on some fins, and try to pick up the pace.  You can easily do this by reducing the interval during a set.  A great way to do this drill in practice would be to kick 150s in which the first 50 is in the X position, 2nd 50 in "11," and 3rd 50 in streamline.  Then do that a bunch.

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