Freestyle - Inner-Elbow Extension

Mar 6, 2012
Freestyle - Inner-Elbow Extension

The problem with way too many swimmers is that they take a very long path to the catch.  One of the most common long paths:  crossing over prior to extension.

Why Do It:
This focal point helps you pinpoint a specific part of your arm during extension.  If done correctly, it nearly guarantees full extension of the arm... in a much straighter line.

How to Do It:
 First, identify the part of your arm you're going to be focusing on.
2.  You can do this at your desk right now.  Extend your arm straight.
3.  Now, to really target the spot, extend it a bit more, until you feel the arm stretching on the inside of the elbow.
4.  Swim freestyle, trying to feel the inside of your elbow extend on each stroke.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
During your regular swimming, you'll need to slow down just a bit at first.  An increase in your flexibility may be required before you can reach the kind of extension we're talking about.  Give yourself time to really feel it.  You may even want to extend and kick on your side for a bit between strokes to really get the feeling for it.

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