Freestyle - Med-Ball Fun

Aug 26, 2008
Freestyle - Med-Ball Fun

Things to look forward to while you're all inspired from the Olympics.  The next season should be filled with the desire to discover new ways to go faster, and new ways to connect with the water in more ways than you imagined.

Why Do It:
Using a med ball while swimming and kicking flutter kick will work your balance, catch, abs, and abductor muscles all at the same time.

How to Do It:
1.  Grab a med ball which is filled with sand. The ones that are solid rubber, or filled with liquid won't do the job... they float.
2.  Swim a 50 in which you alternate a 25 with the med ball held tight between your knees, making sure it's your knees and not you thighs...
3.  ...and kicking a 25 flutter with the ball held over your head.
4.  Continue alternating with another swimmer, or do vertical sculling for active rest.
5.  Switch the order of the 25s to mix things up a bit.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Hold the ball tightly enough so that it NEVER falls out.  This will really work the insides of your legs.  During the flutter kick on your back, make sure you press back far enough to hold the hips in line.  You'll find this works the abs as well.

One fun added incentive for you or your swimmers... if you drop the med ball during the swim or kick, you have to get it, and then do 10 push-ups at the wall.

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