Freestyle - Narrow Flutter Kick

Sep 25, 2012
Freestyle - Narrow Flutter Kick

Here are a couple ways to help develop a quick, narrow, and strong flutter kick for freestyle.

Why Do It:
There is a fine balance between kicking with a straight leg, and developing power that moves you forward.  Great athletes like Robert Margalis show bend in their legs during their kick, but not so much that they're creating resistance.  You can see all of Robert's strokes at

How to Do It:
 Start by positioning yourself very close to the wall, facing the wall.
2.  Initiate a vertical flutter kick, making sure you don't KNEE the wall ('cause that would hurt).  You can use fins, or hold on to the wall if you're still learning the kick.  We're using the FINIS PDF fins.
3.  Keep the kick small and quick, with enough power to hold your head and hands out of the water.
4.  Now move away from the wall, still in a vertical position.  Initiate the same type of kick and slowly lean forward into a swimming-like body position.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Let's say you're already a good swimmer, and you want to get some work out of this.  Before you put on your fins, grab a pair of DragSox, then put on your fins and repeat the exercise.  The key is still narrow, small, and quick on the kick... but now you're going to have to work.

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