Freestyle - Paddle Grab

Jan 30, 2015
Freestyle - Paddle Grab

Keeping a straighter line from the fingertips through the forearm can help swimmers develop an understanding of how to create a larger pulling surface with the arm.

Why Do It:
While advanced swimmers can initiate the catch with a slight wrist break, it’s important for developing swimmers to understand that most effective pulling surface is created by engaging the ENTIRE arm…from the fingers and palm, across the wrist, through the forearm, and then into the biceps and upper arm.

How to Do It:
1. Instead of wearing the paddle as you typically would, grab the paddle over the top.
2.  Swim freestyle as you normally would, but FEEL if the base of the paddle is pushing into your forearm.
3.  Try to maintain a straight line from the top of the paddle, through the forearm.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Exaggerate the wrist bend to feel the paddle pushing into your forearm. Then, try to see if you can keep the paddle touching the forearm only lightly. Always reach full extension on each stroke, to allow yourself the opportunity to learn a full pull.

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