Freestyle - Reaching Your Limits

Jul 29, 2008
Freestyle - Reaching Your Limits

Reaching complete extension in freestyle is one way to make sure you're getting a complete stroke.  Getting a complete stroke is a great way to make sure you're reaching your potential.

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- Learn FAST freestyle from Roland Schoeman!

Why Do It:
The best freestyle strokes come when you've started your hand as far out front as possible.  This way you'll have a much better opportunity to draw your body toward THAT spot.  To move as far forward on each stroke as possible, you need to make sure you've started at the furthest point in front.

How to Do It:
1.  Swim freestyle slowly and smoothly, like on the video.
2.  Extend your arm as far forward as possible out front.
3.  Feel the extension through your shoulders, lats and back.
4.  Allow your body to roll to aid in the extension.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Extend, extend and extend.  Take your time, and feel the extension not just with your hands, but also with your entire body.  You should almost feel a groan escape on each stroke. 

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